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Around the World
in Eighty Days


Mini Publication Items

Self-Contained Packaging

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Publication Design

This project required me to design a mini publication that offers a sample from a classic work of fiction in an entertaining printed format. I selected Jules Verne’s 1873 adventure novel Around The World In Eighty Days that tells the story of wealthy Londoner Phileas Fogg who attempts to circumnavigate the world in eighty days on a £20,000 wager. 

The mini publication is a small literary experience enhanced by inventive graphic design. It is a self-contained package of items that provide an original and engaging introduction to the novel's themes and storyline.

DSC_2191 copy.jpg
DSC_2182 copy.jpg
DSC_2183 copy.jpg
DSC_2196 copy.jpg
DSC_2245 copy.jpg
DSC_2205 copy.jpg
DSC_2200 copy.jpg
DSC_2216 copy.jpg
DSC_2207 copy.jpg
DSC_2233 copy.jpg
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DSC_2246 copy.jpg
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