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Building A Modern



Design Disciplines

Print Production
Publication Design

This university project required me to design a dynamic and creatively expressive,
mono-thematic publication that explores a subject related to a creative design discipline. I had to use self-generated imagery in creative ways and explore how type communicates as a graphic form.  

I chose to produce an architectural publication that explores the modernisation
of Melbourne’s architectural landscape during the interwar period.

DSC_2191 copy.jpg
DSC_2182 copy.jpg
DSC_2183 copy.jpg
DSC_2196 copy.jpg
DSC_2245 copy.jpg
DSC_2205 copy.jpg
DSC_2200 copy.jpg
DSC_2216 copy.jpg
DSC_2207 copy.jpg
DSC_2233 copy.jpg
DSC_2234 copy.jpg
DSC_2246 copy.jpg
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