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Carrefour Global
Sourcing Internship


Animated GIFs

Design Disciplines

Digital Illustration

During my six week internship at Carrefour Global Sourcing in Hong Kong in 2019, I  worked on some small tasks which included designing a range of pictograms for product categories and presentation content.

The pictograms were required to be visible at a small scale, minimal in detail, and clearly represent their respective subjects. I was also tasked with creating animated GIFs for the electronics department product category pictograms.

DSC_2191 copy.jpg
DSC_2182 copy.jpg
DSC_2183 copy.jpg
DSC_2196 copy.jpg
DSC_2245 copy.jpg
DSC_2205 copy.jpg
DSC_2200 copy.jpg
DSC_2216 copy.jpg
DSC_2207 copy.jpg
DSC_2233 copy.jpg
DSC_2234 copy.jpg
DSC_2246 copy.jpg
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