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Gerald the Scuba
Diving Giraffe


Character Design
Environment Design

Design Disciplines

Digital Illustration

This university project required me to explore the iterative preproduction processes
of designing believable characters and environments in preparation for producing animated outcomes.        

The character design process encompassed visual research, sketches, story development and plasticine sculpting, resulting in a final character puppet ready for animating. The environment design process involved visual research and sketches, resulting
in a final multi-layer illustrated environment ready for animating.

I chose to develop a fun treasure hunting, scuba diving giraffe character in a colourful underwater environment. 

DSC_2191 copy.jpg
DSC_2182 copy.jpg
DSC_2183 copy.jpg
DSC_2196 copy.jpg
DSC_2245 copy.jpg
DSC_2205 copy.jpg
DSC_2200 copy.jpg
DSC_2216 copy.jpg
DSC_2207 copy.jpg
DSC_2233 copy.jpg
DSC_2234 copy.jpg
DSC_2246 copy.jpg
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